by Hasmik Tangyan

TSE-LLA (dance performance)

MMZ.PPZ ensemble (Hasmik Tangyan, Mary Bayatyan, Vanuhi Malkhasyan) is a collective of performers from Armenia researching the games commonly played in times of their childhood but currently much less popular and less played. They transform and rebuilt the original game, where they explore the presence of childhood memories incorporated in the body. The transformation of those games is a possibility to go back historically and analyze the influences that the child body got. The transformed body reveals traces of political and patriarchal systems of the past, which is an interesting transformation to research.

TSE-LLA is a performance where artists represent the ribbon game played mostly by girls in the yards. The game is played with two players, whose bodies are bound to each other with rubber strings. The third player's function is to play with these strings. Original game contains various movement sequences, songs, words/short and simple poems tongue-twisters.

The material of this game (ribbon) has a lot of potential to be stretched that allows to go into spaces,  explore the distances in different ways and levels.

September 6, (Friday), 18:00
September 7, (Saturday), 18:30
September 8, (Sunday), 15:00

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Text: Hasmik Tangyan

Beitragsbild: © Hasmik Tangyan

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